Arrests and Arraignments

If you or someone you know has been arrested, it can be advantageous to contact the lawyers at Talkin Muccigrosso & Roberts as soon as possible to discuss how to proceed. You may want to retain an attorney immediately.

After you are arrested, the arraignment is the very first appearance in court before a judge. This is the time when you are formally read the charges against you. It can be a crucial hearing as the judge will determine, among other things, how much bail to set. If you are unable to post the bail or comply with other conditions set by the judge, you will remain incarcerated. The lawyers at Talkin Muccigrosso & Roberts, LLP are available twenty–four hours a day, seven days a week to discuss the issues that arise immediately after an arrest. An attorney is always available to appear at an arraignment and fight for your release immediately.

In New York City, this appearance should happen within twenty-four hours of your arrest for state charges. Most jurisdictions in the state have court hours on the weekends and at night. In the federal system, arraignments are traditionally handled during business hours.

An arrest is only the beginning of the proceedings in our criminal justice system. It is, of course, a very scary proposition for the arrested person and their family. However, we have all heard that the accused is “innocent until proven guilty.” It is very important that the rights afforded to us all as innocent citizens, only accused of a crime, are asserted from the very beginning. If someone you know has been arrested recently, and you have questions, please call us at TMR to discuss how to proceed.