Under the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1192, Driving while Intoxicated is a crime. When going into criminal court to defend yourself against these serious charges, you should have the best representation available to you. The potential penalties as a result of a DWI conviction involve jail time, probation, fines, license revocation and community service.

Along with the potential criminal penalties, a DWI prosecution brings with it many collateral consequences.

First, your permission to drive in New York State may be suspended immediately while your case is pending if your breathalyzer reading is over the legal limit. If the arresting officers indicate that you refused to take the breathalyzer test offered to you, your license will also be suspended immediately. You are then entitled to a hearing at the Department of Motor Vehicles where the suspension may be lifted. Obviously, this hearing is important and you should be accompanied by an experienced attorney. A decision must be made regarding whether to testify at the hearing.

In addition, the New York City Police Department, and other jurisdictions, frequently impound the vehicles involved in DWI arrests. If that is the case, they will move to forfeit the vehicle. Once again, this consequence is very significant and this proceeding also should be handled promptly and thoroughly by a competent attorney.

The evidence at a DWI trial usually includes scientific or quasi-scientific evidence about the chemical nature of alcohol and blood-alcohol levels. Prosecutors rely this evidence as produced by the breathalyzer machine and described by police officers. The lawyers at Talkin Muccigrosso & Roberts, LLP are familiar with the applicable science and can use it to your benefit.

Because of the complicated issues involved and the science which is introduced as evidence in a DWI prosecution, you should be represented by a law firm that has handled these issues on a regular basis. It is important that these complications are addressed from the very beginning. TMR has represented hundreds of individuals in New York and New Jersey charged with DWI. We are prepared to do the same for you.